Amino Box—Using TV Set-Top Box

Amino Set-Top BoxAmino set-top box and remote control

The remote control that came with your set-top box controls power to the STB and channel selection. For all operations, the first thing you need to do is press the STBx button on the remote. It will glow red briefly.

(In reality, you only need to press the STB button if you’ve previously pressed the TV button by mistake, but since there’s no easy way of knowing which of the two you’ve pressed most recently, pressing the STB button is a good idea. If your remote doesn’t seem to be working, it’s probably because you accidentally hit the TV button.)

Other functions, (such as turning your television on or off, controlling the volume, and choosing the video input - that is, choosing to view a DVD, a game console) are controlled on your television or its remote control.

You also have the option of configuring the STB remote to work with your television. This will allow you to turn your television on and off, control the volume, and select the video input with the same remote you use to change channels.

Turning the Set-Top Box On

  1. Press the STB button on the remote.
  2. The red power button on the remote toggles the STB between Standby mode and On.
    • If the STB is in Standby mode when you push the power button, the LED on the STB will blink twice as it turns on.
    • If the STB is On when you push the power button, the STB LED will blink once as it goes to sleep.

Note: Your television password is 1234. Please allow 5-10 minutes for the program to download when hooking up your television for the first time.

Selecting Channels

When you turn the set-top box on, you will see the default TV channel.

To select a channel, do either one of the following:

  • Enter the channel number with the numeric buttons on the remote, followed by the OK button.
  • Use the 4 blue arrow buttons near the middle of the remote to move the onscreen arrow over a channel name or number. When the arrow changes to a pointing hand shape, press the OK button.

Once a channel has been selected, you can change channels using the CH+ and CH- buttons. You cannot use these buttons if you are currently viewing the Channel Lineup, but once you’re viewing a channel, you can use these buttons to change channels. (See the important note below.)

The remaining buttons on the STB remote are not used for STB box functions.

Important Note about Channel Surfing

Most of us are accustomed to rapidly surfing through the channels when using a cable TV or antenna-fed TV. This is possible because all channels are present all the time, and we’re simply picking which signal to view. This is not what happens with your Amino connection!

There is only enough bandwidth to send one quality channel at a time to your TV, so when you pick a channel, the STB sends messages to our equipment about which signal it wants to see. Changing channels rapidly can cause these messages to get overrun or missed, which can result in two video streams being sent at the same time and colliding with each other. The result is a confusion of pieces of both channels. It can take from a few seconds to several minutes for this condition to clear once it occurs, and further rapid channel changing will only make it worse and make it last longer.

If you do accidentally change channels rapidly and cause this condition to occur, simply wait until the picture clears up, and then make more measured and deliberate channel changes. Turning the STB off and back on will not help, in fact, it might make it worse. Patience is the only answer.

To avoid this problem, you may find it easier to enter the channel number you wish to change to, rather than using the CH+ and CH- buttons to move up and down through the channels.