IPTV Set Up for Computers

  1. On your computer, go to SJSU-Philo
  2. In the upper right side of the page, select 'Login with your SJSUOne ID'
    Screenshot of step 2.
  3. A preferences window opens. Select the "I agree..." checkbox, and then click 'Next'
    Screenshot of step 3.
  4. Click through a brief slideshow. The first time you use SJSU-Philo IPTV to set up your account, you will get a brief overview. Follow the prompts to learn about Philo IPTV, record your favorite shows, etc.
    Screenshot of step 4.
  5. Click the 'Start Watching' button
    Screenshot of step 5.
  6. Set up is now complete and the SJSU-Philo IPTV home page displays.
    Screenshot of step 6.
  7. For additional assistance with device registration, contact support@philo.com