How can I get started?

To access IPTV on your computer or mobile device, see:

To access IPTV on your television, see:

What computer operating systems are supported?

Philo supports the latest versions of Chrome, Safari and Firefox. They also support Internet Explorer, version 11 or later.

How do I watch on my iPad or iPhone?

On the Apple devices you must download the 'Philo app' from the app store. Once you have downloaded 'philo app', configure your details, and you are ready to go. See Download Philo App for iPhones & iPads.

How do I watch on my Android?

Download the 'Philo app' from your favorite apps store, config your details, and you are ready to go.

Can I use my Philo account from off campus?

No, this service is only available on the SJSU campus.

Do I get a DVR with the service?

IPTV has a personal built-in DVR with over 20 hours of recording for programs.

Which building are covered by the IPTV service?

The IPTV service is available everywhere on campus.

Which users can use the IPTV Service?

All Housing residents and Housing staff can watch IPTV on their regular TVs, computers and mobile devices.

What is the purpose of the Roku Streamer Box?

Most of the time, users will watch IPTV channels via a web browser on their computer or tablet.

If a user decides to watch IPTV on television, then it needs to be connected to a computer or connected to a Roku streamer box to obtain the signal.

How will we check out the IPTV?

There is no need to 'check out' IPTV. If you are authorized to use it, you will be able to access it using your SJSUOne ID and password. To connect, see IPTV Philo Login. If you have problems, contact Philo as indicated on the screen.

How will we check out the Roku Streamer Boxes?

Go to the Campus Village Computer Lab to check out a Roku streamer box.

Will there be a different network solution or will we be using MyDevices?

IPTV will be available on all SJSU networks, including MyDevices. Roku streamer will only work on MyDevices.

What buildings will be covered by the Roku devices?

The IPTV service for computers and mobile devices is available everywhere on campus. Roku streamer boxes are required for use with a television.

What channels will be included in the IPTV?

For a complete channel listing, see IPTV TV Channel Listing.

What connection will the IPTV support (hdmi, coaxial, etc.)?

IPTV is wireless. Wireline can also be used, if available. The Roku streaming box produce HDMI.

If I lose or damage the Roku streamer box, will I be billed?

Yes, housing residents will be billed for lost or damages boxes.

Does the Roku streamers box come with a help/installation/information/instructions brochure that can be reproduced and provided to customers?

Yes, visit us in the Campus Village Computer Lab to pick up a brochure. In addition, see our user guides:

How will I know if I have access;what happens if I am denied?

If you are not authorized, you will be denied access. Try to login to SJSU-Philo with your SJSUOne ID and password. If it does not work, contact Philo Tech Support at support@philo.com. Philo will verify access and contact IT Services if there is a problem.

So to access IPTV I need to login into


Yes, use your SJSUOne ID and password to login.

If SJSU-Philo is down, will I still have access to IPTV using the Roku streamer box?

No, because Philo is providing the content.

If IPTV uses your SJSUOne ID to login, wouldn't everyone who attends SJSU have access to it and not only resident students, faculty and staff?

Access is restricted to only resident students, faculty, and staff.

What connects are supported to my TV from the Roku streamer box?

The Roku streamer box supports HDMI. It is possible to support other connection technologies. Contact us with your requirements or submit a ticket online.