IPTV—Connect Roku Player & Set Up Philo IPTV

This guide explains how to connect the Roku 3 streaming player to your TV.

Connect your Roku to Wi-Fi

  1. Plug your Roku into the TV
  2. Turn it on and make sure your TV is set to the correct input
  3. During the Roku setup, you'll be asked to choose a wireless network—choose 'MyDevices'
    Screenshot of connect your Roku to Wi-Fi

Set up your Roku

  1. To activate your Roku, go to Create Your Roku Account
    An activation code and address will display
    Screenshot of step 1 set up your Roku
  2. Go to the address on your computer and register the Roku
    You'll be able to create a new Roku account or add your device to an existing Roku account
    Screenshot of step 3 set up your Roku
  3. Once you have created your account, you can manage your account and subscriptions, name your devices and link/un-link devices
    Screenshot of step 4 set up your Roku

Add Philo (IPTV)

This step will get you set up with SJSU’s TV service, Philo

  1. On your computer, go to SJSU-Philo
  2. Log in using your SJSUOne ID and password
  3. Click the tool icon (on the top right), and then select 'Settings'
    Screenshot of step 3 add Philo
  4. This is where you can set your preferences
    Screenshot of step 4 add Philo
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the 'Settings' page, and then click the 'Register Roku' button
    Screenshot of step 5 add Philo
  6. Follow the steps on screen to continue linking your Roku
    Screenshot of step 6 add Philo
  7. Go to Welcome to Your Roku Account
  8. Click the button on the website to add the channel
  9. Enter the code displayed on the TV screen into the Philo form
    It may take a few minutes for the channel to appear on your Roku after adding it
    The channel will be called Philo